When I was in my native Shivamogga(shimoga) ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗ , I had a hobby of taking autograph from famous personalities.I am lucky to meet some of them in historically famous Karnartaka sangha, Shivamogga and in shimoga city .
I had to face little difficulties in taking in some of the autographs like from Shivaram karanth as he was little bit strict and straight forward and at times more than this lot of big personalities used to be there as usual and I was one of the very young man/boy among them .
I have a small diary in which I taken these and still I have few more other famous personalities autograph which I will post some other time.

Below are the autographs few of Karnataka's famous personalities.

1). Kota Shivaram ಕಾರಂತ್ (ಶಿವರಾಮ ಕಾರಂತ್ )

Kota Shivaram Karanth (Kannada: ಕೋಟಾ ಶಿವರಾಮ ಕಾರಂತ) (October 10, 1902 - December 9, 1997) was a major Kannada writer, social activist, environmentalist, Yakshagana artist, film maker and thinker. He was described as the "finest novelist-activist of modern India by Ramachandra Guha. He was the third person among seven recipients of Jnanpith Award for Kannada the highest literary honour conferred by the Govt. of India. He was conferred Padma Bhushan by Government of India which later he returned in protest against the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi.

2. C Ashwath ( ಸಿ. ಅಶ್ವಥ್ )

C.Ashwath is an Indian music composer and exponent of Bhavageete ("expressive poetry") and Janapada Geete ("folk songs") in the Kannada language. He is also a singer, and sings many of his own compositions. He is credited with singing Bhavageete and Janapada Geete songs and making sure it that they reach the common man.

As both a singer and composer, he is extremely popular in Karnataka and among Kannadigas all over the world. His concert in Bangalore in 2005 was attended by a crowd of almost 100,000 people. He has also given concerts outside India, like in Melbourne for Melanudi kannada sangha and few others in UK.

He has composed music for a few movies too. Some of his notable compositions include the composition of music for Mysooru Mallige - a classic work of noted poet K.S. Narasimhaswamy and his compositions of Kannada saint Santa Shishunala Sharifa's works. He has also composed music for a very popular movie 'Matha daana' along with another popular music director V.Manohar.

3. Chindodi Leela (ಚಿಂದೋಡಿ ಲೀಲ)

Chindodi Leela is a prominent figure in the Kannada theatre and film industry. She has acted in numerous Kannada Movies and is an eminent Theatre artist as well, Chindodi Leela Was the President for Karnataka Drama Academy, where she served for a period of 2 years.
For her amazing contribution in the field art and theatre Chindodi Leela was honored with the prestigious Padmashree award, she has been a fine ambassador of art and a legend in true sense.She has also won many
awards like Padmashree award,Gubi Veerana Award,Shankar Gowda Award, Nataka Academy Award
,State Award......
Policesana Magalu means a policeman’s daughter.Its a typical love story in which the villain and the policeman’s a daughter fall in love and the daughter ends up shooting the villain in the end. The treatment, the dialogues, the music and the plot made it a hit. In fact it had its name in the Guinnes Book of World Records as well for having ಬೀನ್ played the maximum number of times in a single theatre called the Buddivendera Theatre.

4. G.S.Shivarudrappa (ಶಿವರುದ್ರಪ್ಪ)

Dr. G.S. Shivarudrappa (born February 7, 1926) is a Kannada poet, writer and researcher who was awarded the title of Rashtrakavi (ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರ ಕವಿ ) by the Government of Karnataka on November 1, 2006.
Mr. Shivarudrappa who is a known "Navodaya" poet has made a lasting contribution to the Kannada literature.
Mr. Shivarudrappa has worked as a Kannada professor at the Maharaja College of Mysore and later at the Postgraduate Kannada Department of Bangalore University. He received the Central Sahitya Akademi Award in 1984 for his literary contribution. He has also bagged several awards including the Karnataka State Sahitya Academy and Soviet Land Nehru Award. He presided over the Akhila Bharatiya Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held in Davanagere in 1992.
His main collections of poems are Saamagaana, Karthika, Deepada Hejje, Preeti Illada Mele, Devashilpa, Gode, Anavarana, Tereda Daari and Kaadina Kattalalli. (The Hindu, 02' Nov 2006).

5.K.S. Nisaar Ahmed (ನಿಸಾರ್ ಅಹಮದ್ )

K.S. Nissar Ahmed (born February 5, 1936) is a prominent Indian poet and writer in Kannada language. He is a post-graduate in Geology, worked as an Assistant Geologist in The Mysore Mines and Geology at Gulbarga before coming in touch with Kuvempu and was invited to the Kannada poet's meet during dasara festival in 1959.

He worked as a lecturer in geology in Central College, Bangalore and then in chitradurga .

Later he taught in the Sahyadri First Grade College in Shimoga for two terms during 1967-72 and
He is better known for Nityotsava . In 1978, when the first audio cassette in Kannada light music was released, the song Nityotsava became popular, not only because of the tune, but also because of the lyrics.

6. Patil Puttappa (ಪಾಟೀಲ್ ಪುಟ್ಟಪ್ಪ )

Famous and active journalist , who can be called as a known as Encycloedia. A very good writer, speaker who has won numerous awards .When ever there is a discrimination or injustice in karnataka he will be there even at this old age who is around 90 years young.!

He did completed higher studies in journalism long back from foreign university when kannada journalism was still in infant stage. Many of the modern day journalists,writers can follow him to become successful .

7. B.V.Karantha (ಬಿ .ವಿ. ಕಾರಂತ )

Babukodi Venkataramana Karanth (19 September 1929 - 1 September 2002) was a renowned film and theatre personality from India. Throughout his life he was director, actor and musician of modern Indian theatre and one of the pioneers of Kannada and Hindi new wave cinema.

He was an alumnus of the National School of Drama (1962) and later, its director. He has directed many successful plays and has directed award winning Kannada movies. The Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri.

8 . H Narasimhaiah

9 . T.S.Nagabharana

10.H.G.Dattatreya :

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